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Hold It Down

Revolutionary adhesive dots that keep your collar perfectly placed all day. Our double-sided dots work on every garment type & have a ton of additional uses. Join the Collar Revolution & Keep your collar looking Fly AF with Collar Dots™.

  • Dress Shirts & Polos

    Never have flat collars again. Keep a perfectly placed collar standing up and stiff like it was meant to.

  • Shirt Cuffs & Belts

    Tired of your collars curling up or looking like a v-neck to the likes of Miami Vice?

  • Ties & Pocket Squares

    Is your tie tail to short to reach the loop or is your belt-end to long and flappy around?

  • Women's Apparel

    Fortunately guys only have about 6 accessories to worry about, but women have countless uses.

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The Perfect Collar All Day

Collar dots is the multi-use accessory that does it all.The wardrobe saver you didn't know you needed is here. We adhere to collars, polos, necklines and many other men & womens wardrobe pieces. 24+ hour hold that will have you feeling like you hit the fashion jackpot!

Countless uses for women

We're not gonna lie, this product was originally intended for men to keep their collars straight but we have found that more women are using this product then men.

Shocker.. Ladies win again!

The Story of Collar Dots