Frequently asked questions

Collar Dots are innovative double-sided adhesive dots designed to keep your collars and clothing accessories in place. Simply peel, stick, and press to enjoy a polished look all day.

  • For Polos, we recommend 1 dot per side.

  • For Dress Shirts, we recommend using up 1-2 dots per side, depending on the resistance of your dress shirt & collar.

Yes, we have used Collar Dots on every type of fabric imaginable, however, we recommend that you use Collar Dots with common sense and at your own risk.

Although our shirts have gone to the dry cleaning several times with Collar Dots still attached, we strongly recommend you remove Collar Dots from your apparel before dry cleaning. The heat can have an adverse effect with Collar Dots and possibly your garment.

Washing machines will typically eat and spit out the Collar Dot through the typical draining method. However, we recommend removing Collar Dots before putting your garment in the wash. We personally have washed hundreds of garments with Collar Dots left in place and have not yet had any adverse reactions to a washing machine (or garment) when this has happened.

You bet! Collar Dots are versatile and can be used on belt buckles, ties, shirt cuffs, bra straps and even to temporarily replace missing buttons. Style dilemmas, meet your match.

Each pack contains 48 Collar Dots, ready to level up your #CollarGame and help you look your best.

Absolutely! We offer multi-pack options to ensure you have Collar Dots for any occasion or event. Check out our packs to choose the quantity that suits you best.

Shipping & Returns

We want you to love Collar Dots as much as we do so if you're unhappy with your order and would like to take advantage of our 100% Money Back Guarantee, no problem! Just reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

Depending on the shipping method chosen, your Collar Dots will arrive between 2-10 days.